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Walter-Linda-then-and-now-(small)At the beginning of 2007 we left Orlando after 17 years and moved to Franklin, TN. I became the Director of Communications and Donor Relations at Youth Life Foundation of Tennessee. We attend Bethel Franklin, a satellite church plant of Bethel World Outreach Center. At Bethel and in Nashville we have been able to reconnect with lots of old friends from  Every Nations Ministries.

After three years at Youth Life Foundation of Tennessee, I fell back into the old habit — writing. Over the last several years I have written two books with Steve Murrell (Every Nation Ministries), Gregg Tipton (Ten Days Mission Experiences), Keith Knell (Provident Wealth Group), and Brian Church, I also write blogs with Dr. Eddie Thompson (Thompson & Associates, Inc), and serve as a regular contributor to Every Nation Ministries news and blogs.

We absolutely love living near historic downtown Franklin and in the Nashville area. One of the best things about coming to Franklin is that only a few months after our arrival Jeff and Anna (our oldest daughter) moved here along with their two (now four) children. However, Jeff and Anna embarked on a two-three year stint in Washington, D.C. where Jeff works and a Senor Staffer Senator Jeff Session on the Senate Environment and Public Works committee. They have decided to stay in the D.C. are where Jeff is now a partner in a Washington law firm.

In February 2009 Jim and Jennie (our second daughter) moved from Colorado to East Tennessee with their two (now four) children. Yep, that’s right… zero to eight grandchildren in six years! We love it!.

The only thing we left in Florida was our son, John, who has graduated from the the University of North Florida and now represents BASF Chemical Company as an architectural representative.

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