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Offense; The Seemingly Upside-Down Ethics of the Kingdom

Though I never felt sufficiently hurt or offended to read that deeply on the subject of offenses, I have nonetheless, (based on no real research, exegesis of texts, or literature … Continue reading

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Borden of Yale

William Borden could be considered one of the great­est campus missionaries, one of the greatest Christian givers, or one of the greatest Christian ministers. Take your pick. He was an … Continue reading

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One More Thing about Margin… Maybe Two

Pageman wrote in response to the last blog on “Margin and the Meaning of Wealth.” Pageman: Hi Walter, I scanned this book, Margin when I was in Kabul and Dubai … Continue reading

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Margin and the Meaning of Wealth

Here is a simple little idea about how managing our time and money impacts our ability to recognize God calling and purpose. I’ll try to be deductive by defining terms, … Continue reading

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