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One More Thing about Margin… Maybe Two

Pageman wrote in response to the last blog on “Margin and the Meaning of Wealth.” Pageman: Hi Walter, I scanned this book, Margin when I was in Kabul and Dubai … Continue reading

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Financial Navigation (part 2) – The Steward of Gondor

We can all excuse ourselves from the discussion of wealth if only we compare ourselves to those only a little above us economically. But looking at the bigger picture, I … Continue reading

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Managing Wealth: New Set of Navigation Tools

For most people financial decision-making is like driving a car on a public street. Traffic signs and the very roads themselves serve as boundaries for what you can and cannot … Continue reading

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Margin and the Meaning of Wealth

Here is a simple little idea about how managing our time and money impacts our ability to recognize God calling and purpose. I’ll try to be deductive by defining terms, … Continue reading

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