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THANKSGIVING ROCKS: Two Irrefutable Rules of a Perpetually Thankful Heart

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday; it’s an attitude that is (for some like me) maintained with considerable effort. In that struggle, I have come to realize that there are … Continue reading

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What Could a Washwoman Do?

I wrote a story a few years ago for Generous Giving Initiative about a little lady name Oseola McCarty. Below is a considerably condensed version of what I think is … Continue reading

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Dueling Politicians; Political Difference that Get Out of Hand

Now that the shutdown is over and the debt ceiling is up, it’s time to do some Monday morning quarterbacking. I am reminded a story I read recently in Joseph … Continue reading

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Incarnation: The Most Astonishing Thing That Has Ever Happened

by WALT WALKER — The incarnation of God as man is as profound and (for some) as perplexing as any doctrine in the Bible. It’s also the essential belief of Christianity, … Continue reading

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“YOU GO!” A New York Murder, a Faked Seizure, and the Great Commission

Someone made a comment in a leaders’ meeting last month about how I had personally challenged a young man. I was a campus minister, and he was a college senior about … Continue reading

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Offense; The Seemingly Upside-Down Ethics of the Kingdom

Though I never felt sufficiently hurt or offended to read that deeply on the subject of offenses, I have nonetheless, (based on no real research, exegesis of texts, or literature … Continue reading

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Big-Picture Prophecy; Your Life as an Epic Novel Rather than a Sitcom

Many years ago, a man gave me a scripture verse as a prophetic word (i.e. he felt God had inspired him to share a verse as a specific message from … Continue reading

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