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If I Was a Rich Man

Most of us at one time or another have put our own voice to the lines of Tevye the milkman in Fiddler on the Roof, “If I was a Rich … Continue reading

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Why Are You Giving Anyway?

Generosity is an expression of HOW MUCH we give. Stewardship is a matter of HOW WELL we give. “Philanthropic Motivation” (got to find a better word) is all about WHY … Continue reading

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Super Erogation Men (Pt 3) – Geo. Whitefield, Ben Franklin, & the Most Amazing Offering

George Whitefield, a member of the Holy Club (see previous post), became the most famous preacher in the American colonies and was largely responsible for the First Great Awakening. Benjamin … Continue reading

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Super Erogation Men (Pt 2) – John Wesley

John Wesley was one of the so-called “super-erogation men” (i.e. a member of the Holy Club), a preacher who help birth the English Awakening (the forerunner of the Great Awakening … Continue reading

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William Morgan & the “Super-erogation Men”

You may have heard the story of the famous Oxford Holy Club that included students who went onto be some of history’s greatest evangelists, but you’ve probably never heard this … Continue reading

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Financial Navigation (part 2) – The Steward of Gondor

We can all excuse ourselves from the discussion of wealth if only we compare ourselves to those only a little above us economically. But looking at the bigger picture, I … Continue reading

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Managing Wealth: New Set of Navigation Tools

For most people financial decision-making is like driving a car on a public street. Traffic signs and the very roads themselves serve as boundaries for what you can and cannot … Continue reading

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Margin and the Meaning of Wealth

Here is a simple little idea about how managing our time and money impacts our ability to recognize God calling and purpose. I’ll try to be deductive by defining terms, … Continue reading

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