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Borden of Yale

William Borden could be considered one of the great­est campus missionaries, one of the greatest Christian givers, or one of the greatest Christian ministers. Take your pick. He was an … Continue reading

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Hooray for the Foundation Class!

While speaking last year to a group of campus ministry interns about foundations of the faith, I tried to emphasize not just important foundations but the importance of teaching foundations. … Continue reading

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Roots and Foundations: Two Perspectives of Discipleship

We regularly use the word “foundations” as a generic term for basic teachings about Christianity. In fact, that word is so ingrained in our thinking that it is difficult to … Continue reading

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Christianity; the Ultimate Zero-Sum Game

On occasion, we don’t know exactly how often, Jesus would deliver a saying so hard that it would seem as if he was trying to drive people away. “Unless you … Continue reading

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The Case for Church Planting

Here are a few facts about the status of the church in America. 1. As a percentage of the total U.S. population, Christian church attendance (evangelical, mainline, and Catholic) declined … Continue reading

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One More Thing about Margin… Maybe Two

Pageman wrote in response to the last blog on “Margin and the Meaning of Wealth.” Pageman: Hi Walter, I scanned this book, Margin when I was in Kabul and Dubai … Continue reading

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Treasures of Heaven and Earth

When it came to the treasures of heaven, Jesus spoke of them often and in most extreme terms. Though I am well aware of this, to be honest, I would … Continue reading

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