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“I have enjoyed working with Walter over the years. He has served as a mentor, writing coach, and ghostwriter for me, and his work is always exemplary. Walter has the rare gifting of being able to combine a writer’s pause and structure with an incredible ability to produce intellectual property on the fly. Working with him has been and continues to be a blessing.”


“In the same way we began our first book, Walter and I sat down to talk about our ideas. This time the concept was a little follow-up book that we needed for Ten Days mission participants returning from short-term mission trips. Listening to Walter go through the notes scribbled on his pad, it was clear that he was thinking more deeply about the concept than I ever had. I quickly changed the request from helping us write something to writing it himself. What he was saying in that first meeting and what he has written in this little study book for returning short-term missionaries seems to have hit the nail square on the head.”

  • Gregg Tipton on Walt Walker,
  • author of Ten Days Home Game

“Walter Walker is a master craftsman with ability to capture client’s “voice,” concepts and ideas. He truly understands in amazing depth why donors make gifts to charity. His gift to our industry cannot be overstated. The best writing partner a professional can have!”


“Generations is the best planned-giving newsletter I have ever seen.”

  • — Daniel Worthington
  • Editorial Board
  • Planned Giving Design Center


“It was over 20 years ago, fresh out of college, when I sat in a room to be trained and equipped for full-time campus ministry. Those moments as Walt Walker mixed his passion for the kingdom with skill to communicate truth helped shape my ministry life. When I decided to write a book to tell my story and knew I couldn’t do it on my own, Walt was my first round pick. His ability for putting my stories, thoughts and experiences into something grammatically correct was a miracle in itself. I’m thrilled with the book and the impact it’s having and am privileged to call him my friend.”

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