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The Cost of Creativity

Every story and every project is different. They vary with regard to length, required research, marketabilty, and the effort required. Clients are different too. Some are writers themselves; some have the book already written in their heads; others have great but less organized ideas.

Just as every process differs, so does the writer’s fee. In the first steps of the process, before any contact is signed (see How I work with clients…), the author and I discuss the concept and content.

Depending on the project and clients needs, I have worked with clients outlining writing projects, coaching the author through the writing process, pitching the project to publishers, and/or writing the manuscript.

Generally speaking, I invoice on an hourly rate, depending on the level of creativity and expertise I bring to the table. My proposal is based on the estimated time (hours, weeks, months) it will take for me to complete the manuscript. Previous writer”s fees have ranged from $5.000 to $30,000 depending on my involvement.

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