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Every person, every story, and every project is unique. I design the process around the particular needs of the client and the project.

As a collaborating writer for books…

Larger projects like non-fiction books begin with a discussion about concept and content. If we decide to move forward, a typical process might look something like this:

1. I do some background research on the topic. I do not write “transcription books.” If, however, the author is a speaker with recorded messages, I review tapes as preparation for personal interviews.

2. The author and I map out the project. That means setting aside a time for brainstorming, which is often facilitated by big sheets of paper on the wall.

3. I take those random concepts, go away, and create a book outline.

4. The author and I schedule a series of meetings to dialog though the chapter outlines. The interview tapes are transcribed.

5. I write the first draft of the manuscript.

6. Finally, the author and I work through corrections and additions.

7. Depending on the author/writer agreement and the author’s choice of publishing options, I will in some cases supervise copyediting, design, proofing, and printing. In other projects, I create a standard publishing proposal for publishers.

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